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1-1 Coaching

  •  Personalised guidance to help you navigate your autism diagnosis and embrace your strengths.
  • Sessions tailored to your needs, focusing on personal growth, communication skills, and boundary-setting.

The Autistic Kickstarter – Membership

Discover your true self within our late-diagnosed autistic kickstarter membership. Here, your experiences are not only valid but also validated. Gain clarity about your unique expression of autism and how it impacts your life. Most importantly, find compassion and warmth in our non-judgmental, neuro-distinct haven created for autistic adults who are ready to explore their autism diagnosis/self-diagnosis

Through Autistic Eyes

Explore life stories of late-diagnosed autistic women in my book Through Autistic Eyes and gain a deeper understanding of what it is to be autistic

Are You Tired of Neurotypical Experts Teaching You About Autism? Discover Real, Practical Resources for Autistic Adults from an Autistic Coach Who Lives It.

Hello! I’m Nicky Collins, and my life changed dramatically when I realised I was autistic at 34. Those initial days were a whirlwind of discovery, sadness, and finally, deep acceptance. Now, I stand proudly as a successful autistic woman, keen to support others on similar journeys.

My start in corporate banking feels worlds away from where I am now. My passion for personal growth bridged the gap. I adapted what I learned in traditional settings to better suit neurodivergent minds. Everything I share is grounded in real experience, tested both in my life and through supporting many in the autistic community. I’ve seen amazing transformations in people making significant career moves and life choices.

My philosophy is simple: Treat everyone as you wish to be treated. We all have unique challenges and strengths.

In my affordable, high-value membership programs, I share a wealth of resources and strategies that resonate with diverse experiences. Outside of my professional role, I’m an avid nature lover, enjoying everything from peaceful walks to chilling swims in icy waters. Adventure is in my blood, and I cherish moments with my animals and loved ones.

Join me in exploring a path of understanding, growth, and transformation.

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