The Autism Coach

I help newly-diagnosed autistic adults discover their true selves, empowering them to embrace their unique strengths and enhance areas like communication and boundaries, so they can lead authentic, fulfilling lives without the weight of societal expectations. Are you ready to step into a confident, unmasked version of yourself?

Autistic - Now What

Newly diagnosed? Navigate your journey with Autistic – Now What? Dive into tailored 1:1 coaching specifically for late-diagnosed autistic adults.

The Autistic Kickstarter
Autistic Kickstarter Membership: Your path to understanding your flavour of autism. Everything you need to start to process and understand what being autistic means to you
Through Autistic Eyes
Explore life stories of Late-Diagnosed Autistic Women in my book Through Autistic Eyed and gain a Deeper Understanding of Autism
Hi! My name is Nicky Collins
I am an Autism Coach

After discovering my own autism at 34, my passion for personal growth took on new meaning. I’ve created tools and strategies tailored for autistic adults, drawing from my own experiences and challenges. As someone who’s walked this path, I’m here to guide and support you. Together, let’s embrace the strengths and navigate the challenges that come with being autistic.

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