Autistic – Now What?

Transform Your Life with Personalised 1:1 Autism Coaching

Are you ready to embrace your unique strengths and live authentically as an autistic adult?

Tailored strategies to help you thrive, communicate effectively, and live authentically

Discover personalised coaching to overcome challenges, reduce burnout, and build unshakable confidence.

Program Details

  • Our 1:1 coaching focuses on:
    • Mastering executive functioning
    • Improving communication and self-advocacy
    • Unmasking and self-discovery
    • Understanding and managing triggers
    • Strengthening inner dialogue
    • Establishing strong boundaries
    • Preventing burnout
    • Building self-confidence

Hi, I’m Nicky Collins. After discovering my autism at 34, my journey led me to develop tools and strategies specifically for autistic adults. My approach is grounded in real-life experiences and tailored to meet your unique needs


Why Work with me?


“At every step of my growth, Nicky has found a way to teach me how to push myself into a healthier state of mind and become a force to be reckoned with.” – Nat

“Working with Nicky I felt like I could ask about the seemingly silly things that really get to me, like the remote control being out of place. Being able to talk to someone who understands how I process made the biggest difference.” – Louise

Imagine a life where you confidently navigate your unique challenges, embrace your strengths, and live authentically. Many of our clients have found clarity and empowerment through our tailored coaching.

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Past Clients

Investing in working with Nicky Collins was one of the best things I have done for myself. I got so much more from our sessions than I expected. We went on a journey together and I come out of it stronger, more confident and with more clarity about the path forward. Not only is Nicky brimming with knowledge and experience, but she also shares it with humility, humour, kindness, and confidence. Be prepared to be challenged, delighted, and inspired. I could not recommend Nicky more highly.


I worked with Nicky for 3 months, when we started working together I hadn’t been out of the house alone for 8 years after severe workplace bullying, Nicky worked with me to release the trauma that led me to being agoraphobic and I was able to leave the house with my young daughter, I gained my freedom back and am now going out and exploring the world on a regular basis


Working with Nicky during my self-development journey was transformative.  We created a toolbox of coping mechanisms and approaches that helped me both personally and in my business. This was essential, especially after facing challenges like burnout and perfectionism in my financial services business, which I started following a military career cut short by injury. Nicky’s expertise in understanding and leveraging our unique traits as strengths was invaluable.




Where are the sessions held? All coaching calls take place via Zoom and last for 50 minutes

When can the sessions take place? Sessions are available from Monday to Thursday, 10 AM to 5 PM UK time (GMT/BST). You’ll receive an online booking calendar to select your preferred time.

How many sessions are included? This program has 9 coaching sessions. The skills learned can be applied immediately, allowing you to save time and work toward your goals.

Is there support in between sessions? Absolutely. You have access to email or WhatsApp support between sessions. Additionally, two blue light emergency calls are available when you need urgent advice.

Do I need an autism diagnosis from a doctor? No, self-diagnosis is valid and welcomed.

What if I have more than one diagnosis? The program is tailored to you, and we can address any and all challenges you’d like to work on during our sessions. Multiple diagnoses are perfectly valid and supported.

Is there a cancellation or refund policy? This program operates with a no-refund policy because commitment is essential for transformation. You’ll receive ample support, structure, and guidance to make tangible progress. Show up, open up, and trust the process.

I’m ready for this! What are the next steps? The next step is to book a call with me or to email me for a brief chat.


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