Autistic – Now What?

Unlock Your Autistic Brilliance and Embrace Life with Unshakable Confidence

No More Masks, No More Burnouts – Forge Your Support Systems and Empower Your Autistic Journey with Confidence.

Discover the power of Autistic Now What, a personalized 1:1 coaching program dedicated to helping late-diagnosed autistic adults thrive on their terms. Are you prepared to explore your authentic self, overcome challenges and unleash your potential?

Fed up with feeling unseen and misunderstood? Join our waiting list and let’s journey together towards self-understanding and empowerment

The Autistic Now What program focuses on empowering you in various key areas, including:

  • Executive Functioning: “Master personalized systems to enhance your executive functioning and regain control of your daily life.”
  • Communication & Self-Advocacy: “Develop powerful communication skills and self-advocacy strategies, enabling you to confidently express your needs without guilt or fear.”
  • Unmasking & Self-Discovery: “Discover your authentic self by shedding masks and revealing your true brilliance.”
  • Understanding Triggers: “Gain insights into your triggers, and learn to navigate challenging situations with ease.”
  • Inner Dialogue: “Strengthen your inner dialogue and nurture a kinder, more supportive relationship with yourself, fostering self-confidence.”
  • Boundaries: “Establish and maintain strong boundaries that protect your well-being and empower you in your interactions.”
  • Burnout Prevention: “Implement strategies to reduce burnout, meltdowns, and shutdowns, creating a more balanced and fulfilling life.”
  • Self-Advocacy & Confidence Building: “Develop the skills and self-assurance to advocate for yourself effectively and build unshakable self-confidence.”

I understand that it may sound too good to be true, especially when you’re caught between burnouts and meltdowns. It’s tough to imagine a life where you can confidently navigate your challenges and advocate for yourself. But I’ve seen incredible transformations in late-diagnosed autistic adults, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.


Autistic Now What is perfect for autistic adults at a crossroads in life, where you sense something better awaits, yet the path can appear daunting. It’s time to quell the burnout beast and turn up the volume on your self-advocacy. This 1:1 coaching program is your ticket to unmask your unique brilliance, master executive functioning, and confidently navigate the challenges ahead. Say goodbye to the ‘unseen’ and step into the enchantment of your own journey. Are you ready to embrace your unshakeable confidence and set forth on this magical path of self-discovery?


Why Work with me?


“At every step of my growth, Nicky has found a way to teach me how to push myself into a healthier state of mind and become a force to be reckoned with.” – Nat

I’ve always felt like I was missing the rulebook on how to be human. On the surface, I didn’t look any different from others, but deep down, I felt like an outsider. Life became increasingly challenging, and in my early teens, I turned to alcohol to mask my insecurities.

For nearly two decades, I wore various masks – alcohol, drugs, reckless behaviour, and fleeting relationships, accumulating debts. Tragically, I lost my father to suicide, and with the knowledge I have now about neurodiversity, I believe he was neurodivergent, just like me.

For a long time, I wasn’t truly living, just existing. But even in the depths of despair, I managed to find my footing. In 2019, everything changed when I discovered my truth – I am neurodivergent, both autistic and ADHD.

I spiralled downward, drowning in anxiety and fear. My lowest point had me hiding in a car footwell. But it didn’t break me.

I transformed my life in 13 months, climbing out of a 20k debt and achieving my first five-figure month.

But it wasn’t just financial success.

I moved closer to my partner, bridging the gap of a long-distance relationship. I found stability and security in a love that accepts me for who I am, even on my darkest days. I left behind reckless behaviours fueled by substances, and I am finally at peace with myself.

Today, I’m debt-free, living authentically, and guiding others on their own journey of self-realization.

My story isn’t just about surviving; it’s about thriving. It’s a testament to the transformation possible when we embrace our true identities and break free from the masks that once held us captive.

I’ve come a long way, and now, I have the honour of showing others how they too can rewrite their narratives and create lives filled with purpose, joy, and authenticity.

“Working with Nicky I felt like I could ask about the seemingly silly things that really get to me, like the remote control being out of place. Being able to talk to someone who understands how I process made the biggest difference.” – Louise

Practical Details

Here, we delve into the nuts and bolts of your transformative journey:

1:1 coaching conducted on Zoom.
9 sessions spaced over a maximum of 4 months, each lasting 50 minutes.
A program that’s not just personalized, but customized exclusively for YOU.

Cost of Investment

This isn’t just a program; it’s an investment in YOU:

Pay in full: £1800
Payment plan: 3 x £625

Ready to make this invaluable investment in your authentic, empowered life? Click below to fill out the enquiry form!

If you’re wondering why I created this program…

I’m an autistic adult myself, with a deep-rooted interest in personal development spanning 15 years. Along the way, I noticed a significant gap in the available support. Most resources seemed tailored for children and were often written by neurotypicals. They relied on outdated stereotypes that didn’t truly benefit us.

That’s why I’ve crafted this program – to focus on uncovering the strengths and uniqueness within each autistic person. We’re moving away from the negative narratives that have been all too common. This program is designed by an autistic adult, for autistic adults.

Past Clients

Investing in working with Nicky Collins was one of the best things I have done for myself. I got so much more from our sessions than I expected. We went on a journey together and I come out of it stronger, more confident and with more clarity about the path forward. Not only is Nicky brimming with knowledge and experience, but she also shares it with humility, humour, kindness, and confidence. Be prepared to be challenged, delighted, and inspired. I could not recommend Nicky more highly.


I worked with Nicky for 3 months, when we started working together I hadn’t been out of the house alone for 8 years after severe workplace bullying, Nicky worked with me to release the trauma that led me to being agoraphobic and I was able to leave the house with my young daughter, I gained my freedom back and am now going out and exploring the world on a regular basis


Working with Nicky during my self-development journey was transformative.  We created a toolbox of coping mechanisms and approaches that helped me both personally and in my business. This was essential, especially after facing challenges like burnout and perfectionism in my financial services business, which I started following a military career cut short by injury. Nicky’s expertise in understanding and leveraging our unique traits as strengths was invaluable.




Are the sessions recorded? Yes, sessions can be recorded upon your request.

When can the sessions take place? Sessions are available from Monday to Thursday, 10 AM to 5 PM UK time (GMT/BST). You’ll receive an online booking calendar to select your preferred time.

What is the overall time commitment? This program involves 9 hours of active coaching. The skills learned can be applied immediately, allowing you to save time and work toward your goals.

Is there support in between sessions? Absolutely. You have access to email or WhatsApp support between sessions. Additionally, two blue light emergency calls are available when you need urgent advice.

Do I need an autism diagnosis from a doctor? No, self-diagnosis is valid and welcomed.

What if I have more than one diagnosis? The program is tailored to you, and we can address any and all challenges you’d like to work on during our sessions. Multiple diagnoses are perfectly valid and supported.

Is there a cancellation or refund policy? This program operates with a no-refund policy because commitment is essential for transformation. You’ll receive ample support, structure, and guidance to make tangible progress. Show up, open up, and trust the process.

I’m ready for this! What are the next steps? The next step is to complete the form via the button below. It’s a crucial step to ensure that this program aligns with your needs and goals.

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