Nicky Collins
Autism Coach
My life took a transformative turn when I recognized my own autistic identity at 34. Those early days were a rollercoaster, filled with moments of clarity, grief, and eventually, a profound acceptance. Today, I stand before you as a successful and empowered autistic woman, eager to guide others on similar paths. My initial foray into the corporate banking world seems a far cry from where I am today. Yet, my intense interest in personal development became the bridge. I adapted and reshaped the tools I learned from the neurotypical realm, ensuring they resonate powerfully with neurodivergent minds like ours. Everything I share has been tried and tested, both on my personal journey and through hundreds of coaching hours with fellow autistic adults. From life-changing career shifts to making profound life choices, I've witnessed remarkable transformations in my clients' lives. My philosophy is simple: Treat everyone with the respect and understanding you seek. While each of us is unique, with our own challenges and strengths, I believe in creating a customized toolbox for every individual I coach. Outside the coaching sessions, you'll often find me embracing nature – be it a serene walk or an exhilarating open-water swim amidst ice and snow. Adventure courses through my veins, and I treasure moments spent with my animals and loved ones. Together, let's embark on a journey of understanding, growth, and transformation.
Past Clients
"I can't speak highly enough about my coaching with Nicky. She gave me the tools to find my confidence. I feel like I'm so much more aware of how I function and can notice when others make me feel uncomfortable so much easier now. Nicky saw me and helped me see myself."

"Nicky helped me dig deep within myself to find who I truly am. At every step of my growth, Nicky has found a way to teach me how to push myself into a healthier state of mind and become a force to be reckoned with. I get through every week with a solid and positive demeanour. Months after our coaching I am doing so well in life and I got my spark back. I'm a completely new and improved Nat looking forward to life's adventures and engaging with people again."

"Nicky was pivotal in reshaping my daily life. Before her coaching, I was overwhelmed and constantly searching for things. Now, I have structured routines that help me separate work from personal time and ensure I take my medication regularly. Nicky's 'stacking' concept, centered around my favorite TV program, was a game-changer. Instead of dictating changes, she customized each session to my needs, making the transition seamless. I found Nicky in a Facebook group and her insights resonated deeply with me. Her strategies have immensely improved my life, and I'm deeply thankful for it."

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