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Program And Coaching Reviews

Coaching is such a big commitment and investment and when you’re investing in yourself you want to make sure that the coach you’re working with is aligned to you and knows what they’re doing. I have a vast background in personal development, it’s one of my special interests, I constantly tweak the tools I use to suit the person in front of me and have been known to abandon what isn’t working in replacement of something that does work mid session.

As some of my reviews are quite lengthy I thought I’d add them here as they are from my clients and parents/caregivers of clients.

This review is from the parent of a teenager I recently finished working with, we went through the Unleash Your Autistic Superpowers programme together and the coaching had a positive impact on all of the family…

“Having come across Nicky as a guest speaker on an online workshop I attended, I was interested to hear her talk about her own mentor and how she now worked as a mentor. I recall asking the question, ‘ Why would my daughter engage in mentoring when she hasn’t engaged with any agencies or support that we have put in place over the last 6 years?’ Nicky’s answer was very concise and made perfect sense. – Has any of that support been offered by an autistic person? How would a neurotypical person know how a neurodivergent mind is working?’

I spoke to my daughter about having a meeting with Nicky and seeing if she thought she could help her, and so an initial session in which we were both involved took place, and since then there has been no looking back.

I am very aware there are no miracle cures, but for the first time L looks forward to something and is positive about it ( positivity is not something that she has very much of). I believe L feels Nicky gets her and is able to verbalise how she is feeling without L having to say anything. This in itself alleviates some of L’s anxieties.

L doesn’t openly discuss what has happened in the sessions and as parents we don’t ask but she has said she feels they definitely help and she has made some changes to things she does that she wouldn’t have done before.

From a parents point of view it’s been very beneficial to know L is engaging with someone and is taking on board their advice and wants to do it, at no point have we had to persuade her to attend the sessions, she has always wanted to partake.

Nicky has offered us lots of feedback and been great in explaining to us why L might react in the way she does or things we can put in place to help but also has just given us an insight into how L works.

We are the first to admit that it is a steep learning curve, but Nicky is proving to be a very valuable tutor in helping us all navigate the path ahead.”

This is a review from an adult who has also gone through the Unleash your Autistic Superpowers programme, this programme is for those over 12 who are ready for empowerment and a larger tool box filled with simple coping strategies.

“I’m not the same person I was before meeting Nicky. Nothing else I’ve tried has been as successful for my growth and well being than being coached by her. In just 3 short months I have absorbed so much knowledge about myself and the world around me through Nicky’s guidance and support. She taught me so many tools that I use daily to help me get through every day successfully and positively. I feel fortunate to have her in my life and I’m so thankful to myself for taking the first step by attending her master class that day. I cannot stress enough how much our time together has helped evolve me as a person and really put me in touch with my deepest and truest self. My spirits are lifted at every one of our weekly sessions. Before meeting Nicky I was in a bad place mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I was entirely defeated and ready to give up on myself. Life experiences hit me so hard I didn’t even want to experience what it is to live anymore. Nicky helped me dig deep within myself to find who I truly am and taught me to work smarter not harder at harnessing my capabilities without being affected as much by my environment. At every step of my growth, Nicky has found a way to teach me how to push myself even further into a healthier state of mind and a force to be reckoned with. I get through every week with a strong and positive demeanour and I’m getting to the point of being able to reflect more and more independently. I’m certain Nicky has helped countless others like myself and strongly believe in her mission. If you are seeking the assistance of someone who is passionate about helping others grow until they’ve reached new heights, Nicky is who you should meet!”

I’m working on something behind the scenes at the moment, I’ll share more details soon. I do also offer a small amount of 121 coaching sessions outside of packages, here’s are some reviews from past clients.

“I’ve been receiving therapy from Nicky for just a few months and the difference in me is immeasurable. Nicky has gone above and beyond in the support she gives.



As well as her kind and respectful manner and approach to the therapy she gives, she is incredibly adaptable to my needs when deciding which therapy she feels is best for me. Sometimes I just need to talk – sometimes I need EMDR or Hypnotherapy etc – Nicky knows and I trust her 100%”



“Definitely recommend Nicky, she made me feel safe, comfortable and able to talk about things without feeling judged. I had EMDR and Hypnotherapy. I felt more positive and ‘lighter’ afterwards, like a heavy load had been lifted off my stomach and chest.”


“I worked with Nicky for 3 months, when we started working together I hadn’t been out of the house alone for 8 years after severe workplace bullying, Nicky worked with me to release the trauma that led me to being agoraphobic and I was able to leave the house with my young daughter, I gained my freedom back and am now going out and exploring the world on a regular basis.”

I hope that these words will help you to make the choice of coaching, I love working with people of all ages from all walks of life and am passionate about getting you the breakthroughs you deserve, our society programmes us to be and to stay small and I’m here to help you to break out of those habits and patterns and be the very best version of your autistic self. If you’d like to book an appointment to speak to me you can do so by booking directly into my diary here. This is an informal chat held via zoom.

Clare – Investing in working with Nicky Collins was one of the best things I have done for myself. I got so much more from our sessions than what I had expected. We went on a journey together and I come out of it stronger, more confident and with more clarity about the path forward. Not only is Nicky brimming with knowledge and experience, but she also shares it with humility, humour, kindness, and confidence. Be prepared to be challenged, delighted, and inspired. I could not recommend Nicky, and The Autism Coach services more highly.


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